A day in Palo Alto

Palo Alto‘s downtown is one nice little town coloured in orange

Yet its most fashionable installation is found in an unexpected place: the fifty-cent paid toilet



Stanford University, on the other hand, is one grand university

Constructions does not manage to keep away visitors

Parking in the Museum Visitor Parking garage, we tried to reach the Main Quad

We had stupidly walked to the opposite direction for twenty minutes before we remembered the technology in our hands: phone GPS, and turned it on



Stanford Memorial Church reminded me a lot of Byzantine Church in term of wall painting and decoration

It was indeed a grand church with gold decorations

A wedding rehearsal was held when we entered

The church turned out be be built by Leland Stanford’s wife in his memory

My trip to the Stanford University did deepen Stanford’s character in my mind, as I only had known him previously associated with Muybridge from the first chapter of Erik Barnouw’s “Documentary: A History of Non-Fiction Film” 



Harvest Moon Style Farm


A farm I passed en route to Washington, D.C. from Columbus, OH.

Sitting on the back seat, I opened the car’s window when we pass this farm on highway and shot before this farm disappeared behind us.

It reminds you a lot of PS2 Harvest Moon, doesn’t it?