A City Corner

Medium: Corel Painter 11, Adobe Photoshop CS4

A glance of beauty of a polluted busy city, under the twilight’s sun.

Back to reality after the Thanksgiving break. I have two more weeks to go to the end of this semester. No doubt it is a freakingly busy week.

I am working on my animation background mostly today. My background is the earth with a house, a building, a tree, and a bus stop sign. I did it in a big sized file. I was thinking to post it here after it is done. So, I copied and pasted it into another rectangular file. It was too big and I was going to rezise it. But, I realized it looks much better this way. So, I left it the way it was and add shadows and light and orange color.

I really like the quietness of this piece. I love the dusk, and the rain.


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