A Lazy Summer Day

I work as a closing lab monitor every Thursday this semester; hmm… I think I have stated it in my first post.

So, today, as any other Thursdays, I sat down behind the lab desk exchanging people’s IDs with peg bar, stylus pen, video lab key, or video camera. Oh! And we found an SLR camera today! Wow…!!

My job… sounds busy. But, it is not really. When no one needed me, I kept myself busy with my own work. There is only less than two weeks to go to the end of this semester. These days are super-busy days. (Hey, do you know www.superbuzzy.com/?)

With my mini 2008 Macbook and a Bamboo tablet, I got this one done; another part of my final storyboard, it is… the fourteenth.

I tried to move around the colors, especially the red, and I think that worked. It reminded me of the hard time I had been through in my freshman year’s Color Concept class. My teacher often said, “This color is isolated! Move around the color!”. I cannot believe it takes me to this day to really understand it. I am a late bloomer :(.


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