.hack//G.U. Trilogy

I finally watched “.hack//G.U. Trilogy” for the third time last night. To go as far as watching it three times, I must love it very much.

I am completely in love with the graphics. It is unique. I would say it is a flawless blend of 3D and 2D. Trilogy is certainly 3D; you can tell at once that it is. Yet, it retains its 2D anime look exceedingly well. I am always amazed by the way they do the character’s hair every time I watch it. It looks like it was made of polygon but the shading looks like that of anime action figure. Another thing that enhances its 2D quality is the Toon Shader shadow.

While I am very pleased by the graphics, I would say that the story is not as satisfying. I played the three volumes of “.hack//G.U” games in PlayStation2 a while back ago. By the end of Vol. 1, Haseo had become one of my favorite video game characters ever. I could see how his character subtly changed to the better. Compared to the Trilogy movie, the game gives more depth to each character. It is understandable though, for to turn a three-volume-RPG into a single movie, a lot of story parts and characters have to be cut.

Overall, “.hack//G.U. Trilogy” has successfully won a place in my favorite movies list, along with “Toki o Kakeru Shojo”, which I do not have the heart to see again. In term of graphics, it is definitely my favorite.


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