Colour Plan


Diary: 12 May 2011

My last day of school this semester.

I took a long walk to FedEx, had a long exciting conversation over the phone, went to the library, and strolled in a park right behind my apartment.

It is a hot day.

Restlessness of final week still lingers and it makes me quite hyper; I cannot keep my hand still while talking and the page above was the result.

It pretty much contains the topics of my conversation when I was sitting in a cool air-coned library.

Oh My Soul, Please Stay with Me.

Final week is like a poison that forces my soul out.

I have done a great job in tying my soul down so that it would not escape my body. Yet, it is getting harder and harder as the final week approaches its end.

I had not wanted this semester to end, but the pain of final week managed to persuade me into expecting summer break.